At the end of every month, for each country, Mondaq analyses which articles elicited the most reader response from our registered business readers: 'The Most Reader Response'. Reader response is based on readers who have emailed the contributor as a result of reading the article, gone from the article to the contributor's website or address details, or provided a qualitative ranking for the article as to how useful they found it. The reader may have come upon the article either on the Mondaq site, www.mondaq.com, via our personalised newsletters, or via one of our feeds to 3rd party sites. All readership for this article consists of real, identified individuals and no anonymous readers are included in the conferral of this award. Whilst Mondaq also distributes the same articles through major business systems like Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, and Reuters we cannot track readership of articles through these systems and they therefore do not figure in the presentation of the award. Finally, 'country' is determined by the categorization of the article not the contributor e.g. if a US firm writes an article on an aspect of French commercial law the article is automatically eligible for the French award.


The last few articles added by this firm.
The Full Implementation Of The Requirements Of The Law Civil Service Will Require Considerable Time And The Formation Of Its Practical Application (Bogatyr & Partners)
The Bill №4109, Providing Significant Criminal Responsibility Of Senior Officials Is Quite A Smart Move (In Russian) (Bogatyr & Partners)
Ukrainian Lawyer, Managing Partner AG "Hercules And Partners" Volodymyr Bogatyr Spoke About Their Experience Register Foreign Lawyers In Poland And Russia (In Ukrainian) (Bogatyr & Partners)
Elimination Of GIS And Ukrgosreestra Evidence Of Bureaucratic Maturity Minister (In Russian) (Bogatyr & Partners)
Foreign Tolerance (In Russian) (Bogatyr & Partners)

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